Norsk Elektro Optikk AS
A leading photonics company
NEO is a research and development based company in the field of photonics. We offer project cooperation, rapid prototyping and manufacturing of advanced electro optical products for an international market.


HyperSpectral Imaging
Hyperspectral imaging is the largest area of activity in NEO. We offer services and turnkey solutions for a wide variety of application areas in close collaboration with the customer.

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Lasers & Lidar
Our laser and lidar technology is used for a lot of applications, ranging from underwater imaging to aerosol and gas measurements in the atmosphere.

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Gas spectroscopy has long roots in NEO. Continuously, new application areas are being explored. Today we are also working in projects related to spectroscopic analysis of fluids.

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HySpex is NEO's line of high-end hyperspectral cameras made for a multitude of applications, ranging from airborne to laboratory, field and industrial use of imaging spectroscopy.

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Atmospheric Lidar system aimed for aerosol detection and identification. NEOLID providing excellent time resolution for a small footprint and very competitive price,.

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Optopig is an optical inspetion tool mainly for inspection of natural gas pipelines. The optopig tool gives both images and 3D information of the pipe and the inner pipe surface.

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NEOLund is awarded a new Vinnova project
NEO's Swedish subsidary NEOLund is awarded a grant funding for new Lidar development.

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Børsplus recommends Gasporox
Svenska Dagbladets column Børsplus has analyzed NEO's associated enterprise Gasporox AB.

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Technical Sales Manager
NEOLund AB seeks a Technical Sales Manager.

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Norsk Elektro Optikk AS (NEO) is the largest independent research and development organization in electro optics in Norway, and has established itself as a reputed manufacturer of advanced electro optical products for an international market.
The NEO lab and production facilities include highly specialized equipment in the field of optical technologies, such as spectral and radiometric calibration sources, lab equipment for focusing, adjusting, testing and characterizing hyperspectral imaging systems. Furthermore, more general labs for laser technology, optics and electronics are also available in-house, together with a mechanical workshop for fast prototyping.

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