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HyperSpectral Imaging

Products, Gas and Dust Monitors

The most important product area for Norsk Elektro Optikk is gas and dust monitors. The first gas monitor NEO developed was a Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) monitor for applications in the aluminium industry. It was developed in 1990 and was based on optical filtering techniques to select a single HF absorption line i.e., single line spectrocopy. The measurement was also in-situ giving readings from the process gas not influenced by sampling systems or particle filters.

In the early nineties we started to develop gas monitors based on tuneable diode lases (TDL). The first commercial TDL gas monitor was introduced on the market in 1995 using the trademark LaserGas. The LaserGas monitors are also based on single line spectroscopy and measure in-situ. LaserGas monitors for measurement in stacks or in open paths up to several hundred meters are available.

A range of dust monitors based on laser technology has also been developed and can be used in stacks or in open paths.

The range of gas and dust monitors is manufactured and sold by our former subsidiary NEO Monitors AS.

Picture of LaserGas Monitors, left: Open Path, middle and right: Stack Version


The current version, LaserGas II, is available in 4 different configurations and for several gases. The configurations are:
  • Single Path Monitor (for stacks and ducts)
  • Open Path Monitor (up to 1000 m path)
  • Multi Pass Monitor (for extractive set-ups)
Key features of the LaserGas II are:
  • Response time down to one second
  • no cross interference from other gases
  • no gas sampling, - in-situ measurement
  • very low detection limits (ppb and low ppm)
  • wide range of process conditions possible
  • suitable for high dust environment
  • low cost of ownership
  • Ethernet connection

More information can be found at: (Our former subsidiary).


The LaserDust monitor developed by Norsk Elektro Optikk is designed for use in stacks and other cross-duct applications. Typical applications are emission monitoring in dry scrubbers in aluminium smelters, in waste incinerators and power plants. This dust monitors could be used as a tool for optimising scrubbers and filters as well as broken bag detection in bag house filters.

Main features of the LaserDust are:

  • response time down to 1 second
  • dust pulse detection with 50 ms resolution
  • very low detection limit (0.5 m/Nm3)
  • High dynamic range
  • Scattered light light detection for low dust levels
  • low cost of ownership
  • Ethernet connection

The LaserDust Monitor is based on a combination of forward scatter and transmission measurement of the laser light which makes it possible to cover a high dynamic range. Lower and mid-level dust concentrations will be measured using the forward scatter technique while the higher dust concentrations will be based on transmission measurements i.e., a high sensitivity can therefore be combined with a high dynamic range.

More information can be found here. (our former subsidiary NEO Monitors AS).

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Please note that NEO Monitors AS is not any longer member of the Norsk Elektro Optikk group.

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