The NEOLID is an atmospheric LIDAR system aimed for aerosol detection and identification. Different from conventional time-of-flight system, the NEOLID operates in continuous-wave (CW) mode, thus providing excellent time resolution (< 1 s) for a small footprint and competitive price, while still able to deliver long-range (several km) data.

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neo monitors
Key features:
  • Time resolution: 1 ms - 1 s
  • Frequency: 10 Hz - 4.5 kHz
  • Maximum range: > 2 km
  • Range resolution: 0.3 m @ 100 m - 300 m @ 3 km
  • Weight: 20 kg + 50 kg optional tripod
  • Volume: < 1 cubic meters
  • F/3 or F/4 receiver telescope
  • Motorized expander module
  • Auto-calibrating and auto-optimizing optical system
  • On-board diagnostics and monitoring of beam quality and overlap
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