HyperSpectral Imaging

NEO has been involved in projects, prototype development and manufacturing of hyperspectral cameras and applications for more than a decade.  We are partnering in R&D projects with major industrial players and academic institutions worldwide, to expore new application areas and develop state-of-the-art technology.  Several projects are partly financed by the European Commision or by the Research Council of Norway, and our employees publish papers and present on conferences on a regular basis.

The projects include most application areas where hyperspectral imaging is applicable, e.g. mining, food inspection, search and rescue, cultural heritage and restoration, precision farming, agriculture, urban planning, medical applications and many others.  We supply the market with a line of high-end cameras, and integrate these for use on any platform, from laboratory set-ups to airborne systems with real-time analysis.

By combining R&D projects and activities with commercial production, we ensure that our cameras are state-of-the-art.   

We also partner with suppliers and research laboratories to ensure earliest access to the newest and best components and interfaces.

NEO's hyperspectral cameras and imaging systems are marketed under the brand HySpex worldwide.
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HyperSpectral Imaging
Hyperspectral imaging is the largest area of activity in NEO. We offer services and turnkey solutions for a wide variety of application areas in close collaboration with the customer.

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Lasers & Lidar
Our laser and lidar technology is used for a lot of applications, ranging from underwater imaging to aerosol and gas measurements in the atmosphere.

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Gas spectroscopy has long roots in NEO. Continuously, new application areas are being explored. Today we are also working in projects related to spectroscopic analysis of fluids.

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