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Research and Development Projects

NEO is committed to continued research in gas spectroscopy, and in addition to our own internal research and product development we participate in international co-operative research projects with the long-term goal to be a leading supplier of gas monitors and analysers based on spectroscopic techniques with the main focus on single line spectroscopy. We are currently involved in several R&D projects sponsored by the EU Commission where the objectives are to develop and demonstrate new spectroscopic techniques for new applications in the industry. The work involves the use of DFB tuneable diode laser, VCSELs, Quantum Cascade lasers and widely tuneable OPOs as single frequency radiation sources.ROSE
(Remote Optical Sensor Evaluation)In ROSE the main objective is to assess remote optical measurement techniques (ROMT) in the context of the application environment where they will be employed, with the ultimate goal to make recommendations for a draft European standard for performance and operation of ROMT (Open path) instruments.The tasks involved are:

Performing field measurements
Defining QA/QC performance parameters
Creating Computional Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models

In the project most of the relevant spectroscopic techniques are represented, and the results from the project have demonstrated the suitability for TDL based instruments for a number of applications, such as:

Gas Application Process examples
  • HF Air Quality/ Process control/ Safety Aluminium Plants Oil, Refineries
  • H2S Air Quality/Safety Detection of leaks from oil/gas installations
  • CH4 Safety Detection of leaks from oil/gas installations
  • CO Safety/Fire protection Detection of smouldering fires in buildings
  • CO2 Air Quality Traffic Control
  • ROSE = Remote Optical Sensor EvaluationASSYST
  • (Advanced Laser Sensor Systems For Leading Edge Manufacturing)The objective for this project is to develop a multipurpose technology with multi-sector applicability using current NIR-IR spectroscopic techniques, with two main goals:Increase sensitivity by at least 1 order of magnitude
  • Extend single component NIR-DLS to multicomponent systems

This will open up new market possibilities in areas where this technique has not been used so far, such as in-situ measurements of trace gases in pure as well process gases used in critical industrial applications.
ASSYST= Advanced Laser Sensor Systems For Leading Edge ManufacturingMENELAS
(Minority effluent measurements of aircraft Engine Emissions by infrared Laser Spectroscopy)Most gases have significantly stronger absorption in the MID-IR than in the NIR where the current laser-based instruments work. The objective for this project is therefore to extend the wavelength range for single line spectroscopy into the MID-IR, and develop a multigas MID-IR spectroscopic instrument suitable for simultaneous in-situ measurements of several gases at low concentrations. The development is based on the use of single mode MID-IR OPOs for generation of tuneable single frequency radiation in the MID-IR.


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